Core Values

  1. Efficient work performance, compliance with the regulations, laws and instructions, continuous improvement of the services, and the sense of connectedness and of responsibility towards work.
  2. Working as a team through the establishment of the concept of loyalty to the company and efficient and effective teamwork to achieve the company's objectives, and giving opportunities to team members to participate actively in all company's activities and business and rewarding them for their outstanding efforts.
  3. Cooperation with all the principal and sub agents as partners in the work and development and as active contributors to the achievement of the company's objectives.
  4. Excellence in customer service: by being responsible and creative in meeting the needs of customers and providing premium services professionally and with dedication.
  5. Social responsibility: always strive to support and improve the environment surrounding the company by communicating with the local community and identifying its needs and engaging activities on the ground that we are part of our surroundings.

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