Truck waiting areas

  • Rashidiya areas are located 34 km from the city of Aqaba; they receive all trucks coming from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. These areas are under management of Nafez for Logistics, which in turn accommodates trucks and coordinates with the ports and Arab Bridge Maritime Company depending on the availability of ships and cargoes to supply areas intended for trucks in Aqaba.
  • Area I can accommodate 950 trucks; 120 trucks from which are for Arab Bridge. Trucks are unloaded from Rashidiya to this area to make the necessary bookings on ships of Arab Bridge Maritime Company and organize the bill of lading data.
  • Passenger terminal area can accommodate 75 departing trucks and 70 arriving trucks. Departing trucks are weighted and inspected on luggage screening device, clearing procedures are made on departing cargo in trucks, and boarding of trucks is organized to ships. For the arriving trucks, the area can accommodate 70 trucks, where the customs completes the procedures of trucks in transit within half an hour of entering the area, while trucks arriving to Amman or Aqaba are delayed to the second day after the inspection procedures of the contents by customs.
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