Tips and guides for the passenger in the port

  • Thinking and behavior organization in.
  • Respect other passengers and staff working at the port
  • Respect order, time and laws.
  • Follow safety instructions and guidelines.
  • Discipline in the event of failure or delay in marine units. Do not panic as these matters are all beyond the control of everyone.
  • Patience and answering all questions asked by the security men, no matter how many and accurate. Ensure that these questions are in the public interest and are not intended to prejudice your personal freedom. Your cooperation with security men is an attention for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Do not ignore suspicious thing or person.
  • Inform the security men immediately if you aware of any information about a passenger that carries harmful, hazardous or forbidden materials, or intends to act causing danger to himself or to others or the safety of the marine unit or the port.
  • Do not disturb security authorities with false or incorrect statements; the law does not neglect this matter whatsoever.
  • Do not carry things expose you to thorough inspection at the port; you cooperation the with security men saves time and effort.
  • It is better not to drive your car (if you do not want it to be shipped) to the port. It is preferable to go with a friend or a taxi in order to avoid the problems of congestion at parking and to avoid not being able to park your car in the port parking during the trip.


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