Ticketing instructions and Travel conditions

  1. Each sold ticket is personal and non-transferable. The ticket is valid only for the scheduled day of travel, and cannot be used for another day other than the day for which it is booked. The traveler shall lose his/her right to use, nor shall he/she be entitled to any refund in case they fail to travel on their scheduled booking date.
  2. All travelers must be present at the port of departure at least two hours prior to the scheduled sailing time. The carrier shall not be liable for any consequences as a result for travelers’ failure to meet this obligation; In which case, the traveler shall not be entitled to claim or seek any compensation whatsoever in any way.
  3. If the traveler decides to cancel his/her booking, the ticket can be refunded less a fee of 25% of the basic value of the ticket; Such fee is collected against the carrier’s administrative expenses, provided that the ticket is canceled 24 hours prior to the date of scheduled sailing.
  4. If the traveler decides to postpone his/her date of travel, it can be done for one time only, provided that such postponement is done 24 hours prior to the date of scheduled sailing.
  5. The carrier has the right to cancel or delay any of the scheduled sailings due to Act of God or force majeure or in the event of any circumstances threatening the safety of passengers and property. Arab Bridge Maritime Company and its general agent shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever in the event of cancellation of any of the scheduled trips due to the aforementioned reasons, or as a result of force majeure conditions such as weather conditions or when there is a threat to the safety of passengers and property; And in the event of any delays preventing the ship from commencement of sailing, proceeding with the normal course of its journey, the traveler has the right to a full refund of the value of the ticket, or may choose to travel on another trip.
  6. The passenger shall notify the concerned authorities at the ports of departure and arrival, in addition to the ship's captain of any money, gold or other precious items in his/her possession. The passenger acknowledges the risks of travel, and agrees that the carrier is not responsible for the loss or damage of his/her personal belongings, or unforeseen delays as a result of Acts of God or the dangers of sea and/or fire.
  7. Passengers shall comply fully with all instructions, laws and regulations in the ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to receive any baggage onboard unless it is packed in sealed bags / suitcases or cartons. It is forbidden to put any hazardous or flammable materials inside the bags and cartons.
  9. Smoking is strictly prohibited on board the company's fleet units, and subject to strict liability.
  10. Passenger's possession of the Ticket implies his/her acceptance of all written conditions of carriage of passengers or travel instructions declared by Arab Bridge Maritime Company
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