Staff for reception and service of passengers

Reception is one of the most important tasks of receptionists; especially that they are at the forefront of receiving passengers who show in many cases signs of stress and anxiety because of the long waiting time at the port due to routine procedures, and sometimes due to delays in mooring resulting from bad weather.

Once gates of the ship are opened, all the staff who have passenger lists are ready by distribution to their places and rooms, whether first, second or economic class, as well as Pullman (chairs). And once the passenger arrives to the ship, the host will direct them to their rooms and places reserved.

All the staff do not rest during the boarding and un-boarding of passengers; everyone is standing in full swing to receive and guide passengers, especially that the ship in many times is exposed to some delay due to bad weather. Before half an hour from the arrival of the ship to the port, and to gain time, passengers are required to evacuate the room, get ready to un-boarding and open the way for the crew to clean and prepare the rooms as fully as possible. Everyone rushing to complete work before the passengers get out to gain some time and not to delay the ship in order to avoid the wrath of passengers.

Upon arrival of the ship, receptionists will organize and guide passengers to their places and then the receptionist will seek to make the passenger satisfied as nearly as possible, by exchanging rooms for passengers, especially sick people, to provide them with the best opportunities according to their health conditions as appropriate, especially if they have children.

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