Safety measures

Dear passengers, kindly comply with the orders of the captain of the ship on respect of order and the rules of the safety of passengers and the ship, including the following:

  1. Smoking is prohibited on marine units; otherwise, anyone will be under liability.
  2. Do not stand and sit in the evacuation areas on marine units.
  3. Do not throw waste of any kind because the protection of the marine environment is everyone's responsibility, so let us work together to preserve it. Also, do not throw plastic, metal or petrochemical materials in the marine environment.
  4. Many passengers onboard are exposed, especially if the marine atmosphere is severe, to seasickness and many symptoms. Accordingly, our medical staff is always ready to provide basic health care, while cases that require specialized expertise or special equipment are transported at their own expense.
  5. Sick passengers who need while traveling to special care not already existed, will be provided the special care at their own expense (excluding seasickness cases that treated for free). If the captain found that a passenger is suffering from a medical condition (mentally or physically) that affects the safety and comfort of other passengers and his/her condition does not allow him/her to stay on the ship, the company has the right to un-board such passenger either in the same port or any other port on the trip on his/her responsibility and at own expense. In this case, the company's obligation towards such passenger is permanently ceased and the passenger has no right in refund or any compensation whatsoever.
  6. If you are exposed to seasickness, you should take the appropriate medicines before leaving the vessel.
    • If you get seasick, go to the side protected from the wind.
    • Stay away from the prow when mooring.
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