Materials prohibited on marine units

For the safety of passengers and vessels, passengers must not transport hazardous goods and instruments on the marine unit in accordance with the laws for maritime navigation as these hazardous instruments and materials may cause serious disasters.

Materials that are prohibited to transport on marine units are:

  1. Explosives and firearms (such as pistols, rifles, fireworks, flammable and glowing tools, ammunition, gunpowder, ...)
  2. White weapons of all kinds and forms
  3. Toxins, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers
  4. Banned and prohibited substances by law such as drugs
  5. live animals
  6. Liquids (such as oils, paints, toner, acetone)
  7. Compressed container (such as gas cylinder, sprays, ...)
  8. Flammable gas, whether liquid or a solid (such as lighters, gas heaters, gum, phosphorus) corroded materials (such as operated and empty) batteries
  9. Large quantities of perfume
  10. Any substance or object which could cause danger to the passengers or marine unit.


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