Increase the capacity of Sinaa

Monday, February 8, 2016

We increased the capacity of Sinai as of 9/8/2015, where the number of passengers was (347) and became (705) passengers; an increase of (358) passengers, knowing that the Egyptian side has determined the number at 630 passengers. Numbers of passengers on Sinai increased through installing seats, equipping the ship with evacuation stations and fire extinguishers and changing the ship schemes after conducting balance calculations all under the supervision of the classification authority and the consent of the flag state (Jordan Maritime Authority) and the Egyptian Maritime Safety Authority. The ship has become suitable to operate in the European market for having a certificate (Stockholm Agreement). This step is in response to the company's strategy to update and develop the company's fleet, in conformity with the company's vision and general goals, including the sale of Nefertiti. With this step, Nefertiti can be dispensed without impact on the capacity of the company's fleet. This step also raised the value of Sinai by at least 30% of value, thus becoming an essential steamboat, with a capacity equivalent to a cargo ship and steamboat with high-efficiency and large capacity.

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