Important travel tips

  • Complete preparing your luggage two days before the travel date, so you can control the weight and helps you to remember all the important papers and documents and small belongings, thus reducing the severity of your stress on the travel day.
  • Prepare your handbag and put in it all important papers and documents (passport, ticket, ID card, cash and traveler's checks, etc.)
  • Ensure the arrival of all bags to the port.
  • Make sure that those bags are bags packed by you, and they are not opened or anything added to them.
  • Ensure to put travel card numbers on all bags after weighing.
  • Do not leave your luggage and bags in any way in the port; you may lose them, or you may find security thoroughly inspect them. Neglected luggage raises doubts to security men.
  • While sitting in the port halls, we prefer not ignore your luggage and not get busy with reading newspapers or magazines.
  • Do not deliver your luggage, passport and ticket to anyone who claims the ability to complete travel procedures quickly in order to not be exposed to theft or fraud.
  • Have a duly legalized leave from the work office with the consent of the sponsor or the employer; it is not allowed to travel without obtaining a leave from the sponsor.
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