Important information for drivers of loaded trucks

  • For trucks departing from Aqaba to Nuweiba, each driver must sign a contract with the Egyptian customs at the port of Nuweiba stating the party from which loading is made in Egypt. If the driver returned with the truck loaded from a party not stated in the contract, he shall pay a fine of 500 pounds to Customs called (breach contract fine), with the exception of refrigerators carrying foodstuffs only. These refrigerators are exempted from the contract fine as any driver of refrigerated trucks is entitled to load foodstuffs of any party wishes to be not bound by the contract.
  • Trucks and refrigerated trucks from all nationalities will be given a 14-day period for the purposes of loading on the Egyptian territories. In the case of violation for unjustified reason, a fine of 1200 pounds shall be imposed as demurrage of Customs for each day more than 14 and up to two weeks and the fine is doubled according to the period of delay.
  • All foreign trucks are allowed to load from Jordan for a fine of 100 JD except for Egyptian trucks (exempted from the above fine).
  • Non-Jordanian trucks and refrigerated trucks shall be given a period of one week only in Jordan, and if the period exceeded then a fine of five JD per day shall be imposed.
  • Taxes paid by passengers when departing from the port of Aqaba to port of Nuweiba are determined by 10 JD.
  • For passengers departing from the port of Nuweiba to the port of Aqaba, Egyptian taxes are collected on tickets of Arab Bridge for all nationalities except departure tax and development service of Nuweiba port fee.
  • Jordanian and non-Jordanian trucks and refrigerated trucks departing from the port of Nuweiba to the port of Aqaba and loaded to outside Jordan in transit shall be given 48 hours to leave the Jordanian border; otherwise, a fine of five JD for each day of delay shall be paid (to Customs).
  • The Ports Corporation shall collect guard fees of 10 JD for each truck or refrigerated truck of all nationalities remaining at the port for more than 48 hours from the day of arrival.
  • Clearance fees for loaded trucks and refrigerated trucks, whether departing from Aqaba and Nuweiba and vice versa, shall be borne by the owner of the goods.
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