Guides for truck drivers departing to Egypt

  1. Make sure of the invoices, customs declaration and certificates of the goods you hold to avoid inaccuracy fines and to make sure of actual compliance with the contents of documents
  2. You must supervise the loading to avoid damage in the goods, lack of preparation or smuggling inside the truck without your knowledge.
  3. Examine the truck technically before departure to avoid road risks that you may be exposed to (difficult slopes and cracked roads) and inform your colleagues with anything that you may face while driving.
  4. Do not try to enter or exit the ferry without the supervision of the competent docker concerned with uploading and unloading.
  5. Check the certificates you hold, such as insurance certificate and Trip ticket in order not to be surprised by the expiry of validity date while you are not in your country, for example.
    • Insurance in your country costs 120 JD for a full year for all countries, while in Egypt costs 95 JD for a single trip.
    • Beware that the Trip ticket you hold is not expired while you are in Egypt because this will cost you a third of the price of your truck, otherwise the truck will be confined until payment.
  6. Comply with traffic laws in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The entry of Badr Square in Cairo costs you 100 pounds, but if you are outside the Square, you will be fined with 1000 pounds.
  7. When you return to Jordan, you are allowed to fill the fuel tank with 1000 liters, and any additional amount will be destroyed and you will be fined with 110 JD.
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