Departure from Aqaba

  1. Entering the passenger terminal.
  2. Going to the office of Arab Bridge Maritime Company for booking, registration of the bill of lading data and delivery of the necessary documents
  3. Waiting for the call on trucks to go to the passenger terminal
  4. Going to the passenger terminal and performing weighing and radiation screening and then going to departing trucks area
  5. Ensure having the Trip ticket as it is an Egyptian requirement and must be provided with the truck documents
  6. Delivery of the documents to the clearance officer
  7. The clearance officer prepares the customs transaction and processes the customs declaration
  8. The lead on the cargo is detected by the customs
  9. Checking and registration of the customs transaction
  10. Clearance of the truck from the clearance record
  11. Issuance of electronic permit
  12. Stamping of the passport
  13. Waiting until the ship is ready for loading
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