Arriving to Aqaba

  1. Providing the trip manifest to the Customs
  2. Stamping passports with entry stamp
  3. Checking documents associated with the truck
  4. Issuing Trip ticket
  5. Weigher
  6. Luggage screening device and giving the card stamped with the testing
  7. Inspection on the body of the truck
  8. Parking the truck in the area provided for those arriving to Aqaba
  9.  Contacting the clearance to complete the customs transaction
  10. Delivery of bills of lading
  11. Entering truck data on the ESCODA system
  12. Transit statement for trucks passing Jordan. Checking of insurance on the non-Jordanian truck, issuance of entry license, completion of customs transaction, getting in the truck and going to the gate for formal inspection and then delivering the gate exit card.
  13. Entering of Jordanian truck is registered and then taking the same steps at the point. Checking the lead on the cargo by the customs, verifying and registering the customs transaction, issuing electronic permit, stamping the driver’s passport and going to the gate for exiting.
  14. Trucks loaded with local imports perform inspection procedures determined by the customs by path and then the clearance officer pays the customs tariff as per the tariff established, the customs checks the lead on the truck, checks and registers the customs transaction, the passport is stamped and then going to the gate for exiting and departure.
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