Arrival to Nuweiba

  1. Filling the driver’s information card
  2. Registering the data on the card on computers at the Egyptian passports
  3. Calling on drivers to un-board their vehicles from the ship
  4. Security inspection
  5. The agent in Egypt delivers the shipping permit and bill of lading to the competent clearance officer
  6. The agent in Egypt forwards the trip manifest to Customs
  7. The clearance officer receives invoices and certificates of origin of goods
  8. The customs determines the checking percentage and quality of goods and sends it to radiation inspection device.
  9. Going to weigher
  10. Parking in the inspection area
  11. Checking by the General Authority for Exports and Imports Control
  12. Approving the customs tariff amount
  13. Accountant to pay the amount and issuing a permit for the release of the truck and the goods
  14. Stamping the quittance
  15. Going to traffic to procure licensing forms, technical testing, environmental testing
  16. Checking chassis and approving the technical testing
  17. Checking the insurance on the vehicle
  18. Approval by the Director of Traffic Department and the issuance of the license by the period of insurance
  19. Receiving plates
  20. Stamping the Trip ticket
  21. Exiting from the port
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