Travel conditions

The possession by the passenger of the ticket means an explicit acceptance of all written terms of passenger transport or travel instructions stated by the company.

  1. Terms of passenger transport (for himself/herself and on behalf of any person, child or passenger in his/her custody) and instructions for cancellations of trips and tickets are available at the offices of Arab Bridge Maritime Company.
  2. If the transport tariff changed, the company has the right to collect any differences on prices of tickets previously issued upon traveling.
  3. The specific dates on the schedule and tickets of the company are approximate and the carrier does not in any case assume responsibility for any irregularity, late arrival or the act of a marine unit for any reason that would result in changed travel schedules.
  4. The company has the full right to cancel or delay any trips due to force majeure, particularly weather conditions that sometimes take 4 to 5 hours.
  5. All passengers must be present at the port of travel before the trip date three hours at least. The company is not liable to the passenger for any consequences of the delay in the schedule. In such case, the passenger may not claim the carrier for any compensation or bring suit against the carrier in any way whatsoever.
  6. The passenger shall bear travel risks and agrees that the carrier is not liable for loss or damage of any object or delay by him/her that resulting from or by act of God, dangers of the sea, fire, enemies, pirates, thieves or order of arrest or forfeit issued by the competent authorities, port authorities or other authorities, or for any crack in the propeller or collision, explosion,  break or leakage of water boilers, pipes, heat, steam or fire in the body of the marine unit, or stranding wherever and whenever occurred, or cancellation or throwing goods at sea upon strike or the captain fleeing with the marine unit, or accidents or hidden defects at the beginning of the trip or any part thereof or at lifting of goods or boilers or in marine units machines.
  7. In case of emergency or any event that causes delay of the marine unit or prevents it from sailing or normal functioning or prevents continued or completed trip, the company has the right to provide to the passenger to travel to his destination on another marine unit with the same ticket.
  8. If the passenger died, the captain will take the necessary measures in order to keep the luggage on board and deliver the same to his/her family.
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