Instructions for tickets

Arab Bridge Company has its own policy, terms, conditions and regulations governing the passenger once chosen such company as a carrier from one place to another. These regulations become binding on the passenger whether he/she is aware of them or not.

In such regulations, Bridge Company defines its relationship to the passenger and his/her rights for compensation if luggage was lost, delayed or damaged, or if the passenger died or suffered from personal injury, or if booking changed or  not boarding to the ship on schedule.

  1. All passengers and car owners must ensure that they have tickets and shipping permits from our agents and offices before entering the port of travel.
  2. The passenger shall have the passport stamped after paying the departure tax and without filling a card.
  3. It is required to bring the Trip ticket with the non-Egyptian cars (as a requirement of the Egyptian customs), and such book must be stamped by the customs office in the port of travel.
  4. Stamping of the passport and payment of customs and land border centers services fees are made at the port of travel.
  5. The ticket must be valid for three months from the date of issuance.
  6. The ticket may be returned for a 25% discount during the first month and 50% discount during the second and third months of the basic amount of the ticket in case of unwillingness to travel, where booking took place. The amount of ticket may not be refunded after the end of the third month.
  7. The ticket is for personal use and non-transferable.
  8. If the passenger was delayed for the schedule, then his/her right to the trip will be lost, but his/her right to travel will not be lost during the validity of the ticket.
  9. The passenger may only board to any of the marine units after payment of the full travel fare. This right is an acquired right of the company and may not be returned in any way as prescribed in the contract.
  10. Restricted nationalities are required to contact the consulate to take a visa.
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